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Govt E/S Ram Garh Chak No12RB is situated in Ratti Tibbi Chak No.12RB Tehsil Safdar abad Distt. Sheikhupura . Our teachers and other non teaching staff is serving with their best efforts. In our school, teachers are very hard worker. We have M.Sc Teachers in our School. There is Well Furnished, Library and Science Lab for Students of middle classes. This school is also serving for sports also. Just come and see us that we are serving the Nation.
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Ratti Tibbi Chak No.12/RB Safdar abad, Sheikhupura, Pakistan
Contacts:  03018416300, 03008193716, 03454102858

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Education For All.


Thank you for visiting Govt. E/S Ram Garh (Ratti Tibbi) Chak No.12RB Tehsil Safdar abad Distt. Sheikhupura on-line. We welcome you, and appreciate your virtual visit. This website is great for getting basic background,information, knowledge and history of our school. We encourage you to visit our School in person, at your convenience. We would be pleased to give you a tour of the school.

      Our mission as a Pakistani is to provide our students with a rich learning environment that supports the development of critical and divergent thinkers able to work collaboratively with others.

      Our student centered school fosters active life long learning and promotes healthy student development academically, socially, emotionally and physically. By working together and striving for excellence, our students will be well equipped for their future education and their lives in the society.The school is so spacious that it has play ground ,children park ,seminar hall flower garden ,small portion of hilly rocks. Please feel welcomed to contact our school if you have further questions or wish to visit us.

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